We could happily fill pages with images we have taken, but we are  not very good at talking about ourselves!  The wonderful variety of events we have covered has taken us from Buckingham Palace where we took photos of Prince Phillip to the humble playgrounds of Vrygrond, a township in Cape Town, where we do pro bono work for two schools. 

Andrew has been a photographer for 25 years and along with his wife, Angela love new and exciting challenges. We are as happy taking images standing on a roof or ladder as we are on stage with dignitaries at presentations or with clients at a function. 


We work 24/7 and happiest when behind the lens.  We love what Henri-Cartier-Bresson said "your first 10 00 photographs are your worst" ...  so  we are constantly pushing themselves to see situations from different angles in order to get the best shot.  It is what separates 'happy snappers' from photographers; the creating of images not just snapping them.  We look forward to every shoot, always anticipating that our best shot will come from their next shoot.  It usually does ... until the next one...